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How we support

Bali is one of the world's most beautiful places, but it's also one of the poorest. While tourists enjoy the sun-drenched beaches and lush green hills, many locals are struggling to make ends meet. This is where Let's Help Bali comes in. We want to help Bali by locating where the needy live and bring them the support they need. With your help, we can make a real difference in people's lives.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly every day to assist as many Balinese people as possible who are in need. We are committed to providing basic necessities such as food, water, education and shelter to communities throughout Bali. Our care drops of vegetables, rice and eggs can sustain a family for a month. The delivery drivers are unemployed tour guides and hotel staff and the delivery money goes directly into their pockets, as well as the pockets of friends and family who assist. The food is entirely sourced from street vendors in the area.

Our Works


Let's Help Bali has identified - and is still finding - many families living in extreme poverty, with houses made of whatever materials they can find, including asbestos scraps. The houses are structurally deficient and not weatherproof at all, posing serious health risks to people who are already living in precarious conditions.

We work with village leaders to establish agreements and fundraise to build basic structures, which cost between $1500-$4000AUD depending on location and materials required. We've also discovered many people living in rooms that are full of black mold as a result of the tropical climate. We strip these back, instal a fan and repaint/refurbish what is needed.

House rebuilds/renovations

Our community drops are spread across every nook and cranny of Bali. We always change locations so that we can aid people all across the island. We aim to reach all Balinese with the support of data from Banjar leaders and insight from our on-the-ground staff that delivers rice meals on a daily basis. The food packed for our community drops costs as low as a $13AUD money donation and can feed a small household for about 10 days. They will generally consist of 5kg of rice, noodles, eggs, oil, antibacterial soap and vegetables. They are funded by donations with the phrase "Bali Help" as the reference.

Community drops

We run a free English programme for children from low-income families all over Bali; the cost is $90AUD per year or $7.50 per month. This is a globally accredited English course from Macmillan Education, and we hope that by providing these opportunities to the children, they will be able to break the poverty cycle for their families in the future.

Our teachers are volunteers who run the classes across different regencies once a week for 5 hours. We supply everything, including textbooks and learning materials. Every 12 months, the children receive a certificate from the course that can be used to pursue university/higher-level careers.

English programme

Our veggie drops, like the community drops, are distributed across Bali. Each veggie pack contains five different types of vegetables, enough to feed a family for three to five days and costs only $2 AUD. The vegetables chosen are dependent on what the farmers have available and we purchase directly from them to support the community. Donations for food and veggies range from $80 to $200 AUD.

Veggie drops

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we've discovered a great need for people who have fallen through the cracks; many are disabled, have mental health issues or simply can't get themselves out of the poverty cycle for a variety of reasons.

Our focus is now on continuing to provide these people with support for daily necessities and food. All families we visit are added to our caseload and we will continue to support them until they are no longer needed, which usually means they have passed away. We make a lifelong commitment to all the people we help.

Disability and elderly support

Every week, we contribute $50-$100 to local Bali businesses. They prepare meals for our team to distribute and, each week, we select new businesses to help spread the love far and wide. Many of these businesses were started by laid-off tourist workers during the COVID-19 pandemic to earn a living during those difficult times.

Business support

We have ten hanging food racks scattered throughout Bali. This is a community service aimed at assisting the poor and encouraging those who have extra to share it with others. We've had a lot of success with them; most days, people will share 50-100 meals here and they'll be gone in a matter of minutes.

Food racks

For $30-$50 per week, you can support a family in need. We have a private sponsor group for these families where we exchange updates and other information after each delivery.

Sponsor a family

If you live in Western Australia, Queensland or New South Wales, the money you receive from your recycled cans and bottles can be sent directly to us to help those in need.

ID: C10421464

Containers for change

We have many options that you can choose to support your friends and family in Bali. We can arrange for essentially anything you want to be delivered to them: food, gifts, cash, etc. There will be a fee that will be paid directly to the delivery driver, which they are extremely grateful for because even a small amount of donated money supports them and their family.

Supporting friends

In collaboration with Yayasan de Legong Anak, we support a small school in Gianyar for children with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. They are supported on a monthly basis by funds that go towards children's education and funds that cover some of the school's operating expenses.

We also have school packs that cost just $3 and include pens, pencils, books, erasers and sharpeners. They are simply one small way to provide joy to the community and remind the kids that everything is still okay; something easy and practical for the children to make them smile in these difficult times.

Education support

Make a secure charitable donation via credit card or PayPal.

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